Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Salam every one. I hope all of you are fine. Just a humble effort to organise the contact details and pictures on this website for all of us to visit it and remember the old times when we all were there together. I would really appreciate if any of you will share old or new photographs with me so that i can upload them on this website. My email address is azimqazi@gmail.com and my mobile phone number is +974 55143811 (Doha, Qatar). Hope to be in touch.

Here are our updated email addresses & contact numbers, i hope it will be a valuable source of information. Our dear friend Junaid Anwar (Navy) had helped alot by collecting, organising & providing the latest info. If any one, who is missing in this list, please email me your updated contact info so that I can update it.
Navy cadets JCC - 18th Course:
Tariq Mehmood 0321 5369803 tariqoffice@yahoo.com
Christopher Bennette Left
Idrees Ur Rehman Bhatti 0333 2298507 idreesrehman@yahoo.com
Zia Ur Rehman 0334-5281562 zia3351@yahoo.com
Zulfiqar Ali 0345-6998313 zul_ali65@yahoo.com
Amir Masood Butt 0333-3148668 aamirb28@hotmail.com
Zaheer Ahmed Shah Left
M. Junaid Anwar 0300-3726817 anwarjunaid@gmail.com
M.Masud Akram 0300-2341798 masudakram@yahoo.com
Junaid Latif Akhtar 0323-8556746 junaidlatif@hotmail.com
Muhammad Javaid 0333-2243441 javaid73pk@yahoo.com
Naseer Ahmed Left
Syed Amir Abbas 0300-5134750
Wasim Sadiq Cheema 0300-4503384 wasimcheema@yahoo.com
Iftikhar Ahmed Incomplete
Shahid Ali 0323-8556743 shahidali32@yahoo.com
Waheed Zia 00971-504916608 vaheed_xia@hotmail.com
Syed Ijaz Hussain Shah 0300-3526800
Junaid Ali Bahadur 0333-2333459 sqntaso@gmail.com
Shahzad Anjum Noor 0333-2277288 shahzadanoor@gmail.com
M.Shuaib khattak 0333-2335446
Arif Abdullah Malik 0300-2428482 arif.abdullah67@yahoo.com
M. Akbar khan 0332-4140390 raomakbar@hotmail.com
Ayaz Mahmood Chatta 0333-2420827 ayyazmahmoodchatha@hotmail.com
Qamar Zaman 0321-6025327 qzaman@live.com
S.Zawar Hussain Shah 0307-2032385 skydiverpk@hotmail.com
M. Zubair Shafiq + 861-5216865306 mzshafiq@gmail.com
Khalid Rasheed 0333-2343914 krbasra@yahoo.co.uk
S.M.Sami Wasti 0332-5132866 samiwasti@hotmail.com
M.Asim Bhatti 0346-2628231
Najam Us Saqib 0322-5187836 najmusaqib@hotmail.com
Muhammad Pervaiz 0343-5201243
Atif Hameed Siddiqui Shaheed
Abdul Majid 0345-2399764
Iftikhat Atta Shaheed
Zahid Ilyas 0333-3092377 zilyas@yahoo.com
Zafar Zaman 0334-5371975
S.Nouman Arshad 0300-2587952 noman_3311@yahoo.com
Almas Ali 0321-5654113 almasali1@live.com
Tariq Mehmood Khan 0300-2150420 traiqkhan34@hotmail.com
Mirza Aleejah 0333-2357673
Army Cadets JC-15, 76 L/C (mainly Ghaurians):
Sardar Abid 03315356235 / 03363500035 skycruiser7878@yahoo.com
Khalid Khatak 0333 5245505
Imran Jafry 0300 9555421 xcess2005@hotmail.com
Javed Iqbal 0333 8158232
Shoaib Taqi 0333 6384840
Hamid Bhatti 0321 6976753
Khalid Jadoon 0333 7895993
Masud 0300 9144688
Naim Sarwar 0301 3092900
Sarin B. Kaleem 0321 9807690
Zafar Iqbal 0333 3348163
Raza Hasan Zaidi 0321 4991676 zaidirazahasan@yahoo.com
Sadiq Sharifullah 0300 7365661
0321 3017713
Tariq 0300 9635226
Ansar Hameed +447738351064 ansarhamid@yahoo.com (Serving in UK Police)
Tahir Nawaz 0300 6033914 / 0321 6012668 ths189pk@yahoo.com
Navy 18th Course with JC-15 in JCB-PMA 1983-85:
Aijaz H. Surahio 0333-2270533
Farhan Wali 0321-3277854 farhanwali@yahoo.com
Asrar Amin +12155371854 asrar3363@gmail.com
Imran Mir 0302-8111511 imranmir66@hotmail.com
Imran Nasir 0300-9875021 imran_nasir33@hotmail.com
Abdul Razaq 0301-2396308 abdul_razzaq68@yahoo.com
Faisal Mir 0343-2427228 mir_faisal@hotmail.com
S. Rehan Abbas Jafri 0333-5195791 azalarsal@hotmail.com
M.Afzal Maan 0300-3726819 maantbt@hotmail.com
Farrukh Nadeem 0300-9264736 farrukhnadeem67@yahoo.com
Azim H. Qazi +974-55143811 azimqazi@gmail.com
Zahid Akber 0321-6415979 Joined Army
Hassan Imam Qadri 0300-3795735
hassan_imam67@yahoo.com left in JCB & Joined Army
Muhammad Irfan Left in JCB

Army JC-15 course with Navy's 18th Course in JCC 1983-85:
Zahid Javed 0300-4915491 NIL
Shahid Iqbal 0306-3820260 siqbal66@hotmail.com
Asrar Ul Haq 0333-5247646 asrar_minhas@live.com
Nasir Khattak 0323-5185629 nasirkhattak2001@yahoo.com
Amanullah 0333-2283572 amanair3@yahoo.com
Zahid Haq Choudhry 0321-6035323
Amir Khan 0332-5582353 maakhanj@yahoo.com
Masood 0344-6738633 msd26503@yahoo.com
Sher Ahmed Khan 0345-5250723 sheranzakhan@gmail.com
Tauqeer Gondal 0300-9790938
Farhat Bokhari Left
Arshad Nawaz Shaheed
Zafar Iqbal 0300-7127487 ziqbal27pr@yahoo.com
Jawad Tayyeb Left
Ijaz Ahmed Left
Direct Entrants in PNA with 18th Course:
M Akmal +1647 8685453
Ahsan Samad 0300-2905240 tabuk1@hotmail.com
Zubair Yaqoob Left
S.Naeem Asghar 0323-5378180
S.Rasheed Abbasi 0333-3499616
Sarfraz Ahmed Khan Left
Kamran Ahmed Khan 0322-2723450
Sabir Shahzad 001 7788955754
S.Asad Hussain 0345-5321703 khubaib8@hotmail.com
M.Azram 0334-5008093
S.Khursheed Ahmed 0301-5066065
Azhar Naeem 0332-3741386
Umair Zia 0300-2167895
M.Saeed 0323-5182477 jallomore@yahoo.com
M.Ali Kamran 0300-3457078
Zubair Ahmed Khushk 0333-2242958
S.A Choudry Left
S.M Sadullah 0346-2491507
CCP (Ex- Petaro):
Wasif M. Khan Left
Mushtaq Ahmed 0321-2468412 rumaria97@yahoo.com
Asim Mahmood 0300-9296635 asimmahmood@hotmail.com
Navy 18th Course with 84 GDP - PAF 1983-1985:
Qazi Muhammad Naeem Left
Zaheer ud Din Akram Left
N. Neimatullah 0333-3328343
Ilyas Ur Rehman Bhatti 0300-2298504
Muhammad Shafiq 0049-17683268321 shafiq67@yahoo.com
Naveed Ch. 0334-3303733 naveyed@hotmail.com
M Jamil Left
Abid Hussain Incomplete
Airforce 84 GDP course with Navy's 18th Course in JCC 1983-85:
Hameed Ullah Left
Farooq Bukhari 0333-5115652
Viqar Ali Qureshi 0302-8175375
Riaz Ahmed 0333-5681203
Arshad Arif 0333-2065343
Hasan Ashraf Khan 0300-5002401
Rizwan Hussain 0300-9810645
Azam Khan 0300-5219739
Imran Ali Shah 0344-5029737

Ghaurians 1983- 1984 (JC-12, 13, 14 & 15)

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August 14, 1984, Naval Cadets of 18th & 19th course
(JC-15 & JC-16) at Lt Najeeb Butt's home at PMA.

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Imran Mir (Ex- Abdalian), Naval Cadet of 18th Course with JC-15 in JCB. He is a well known journalist in electronic media, with an experience of over 20 years with different national dailies & news channels. He had been in Geo TV Network as its Station Head of Dubai, UAE, then he served in PTV, presently he is working in Duniya TV.

Azim Qazi & Aijaz Surahio in front of Cinema.

JC Hamid Bhatti.

Snow Fall, in front of Ghauri Company-1984

Muhammad Shirjeel Khan

Ansar, Nomaan, Shirjeel

Ghaurians (Shoaib Taqi, Aijaz, Abid, Azam Ashraf, Atif)

Last day in JCB, me Azim Qazi & Aijaz Surahio with Ghauri Company course mates.

July 2000. I was there again. In front of my room, Ghauri Company.
The Dine out of Naval Cadets of 18th Course. JCB-1985